EvoTears is a unique and innovative eye lubricant for the management of Evaporative Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). EvoTears is a single ingredient formulation, consisting of 100% pure Perfluorohexyloctane, which acts to completely replace the tear film lipid layer.


Product Information

  • Preservative Free eye lubricant for the management of Evaporative Dry Eye and MGD.
  • Single ingredient formulation: 100% Perfluorohexyloctane
  • Offers complete tear film lipid layer replacement
  • 6 month sterility from time of opening
  • Low surface tension for a rapid spread across the eye

Product Directions

  1. Remove the protective cap upon first use and remove the tamper-evident ring and dispose of it.
  2. Hold the eye drop upright and squeeze it lightly.
  3. Prior to placing the eye drop bottle above the eye, keep it squeezed, turn it upside down.
  4. Immediately release the pressure thereby drawing air into the bottle.
  5. Keep holding the bottle upside down and gently pull down your lower eyelid and place the dropper tip above the eye.
  6. Lightly squeeze the bottle again to release only one drop into each eye.
  7. Replace the cap back on eye drop bottle.
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Request a sample

Please note that only healthcare professionals can request samples. You can order samples over the phone by calling our Freephone number on 0800 270 0253 (UK) or emailing us at info@scopeeyecare.com today. We reserve the right to limit the number of samples sent to any individual healthcare professional or practice.

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The Benefits of Preservative Free Drops
  • Benzalkonium chloride (BAK) is the most frequently used preservative in preserved eye drops. BAK can induce corneal and conjunctival epithelial cell apoptosis, damage corneal nerves, delay wound healing, interfere with tear film stability and cause loss of goblet cells.3
  • The negative symptoms experienced through the use of BAK-preserved drops may impact adherence to the prescribed treatment or management regime.4
  • Preservative-free tear replacement is preferred in cases of frequent and chronic application.5
  • Patients with Dry Eye Disease (DED), especially those with severe DED who require dosing over 4 times daily with lubricants or who use ocular lubricants in conjunction with other chronic topical therapies such as glaucoma medications, should avoid the use of ocular lubricants containing preservative.3
HYLO-Tear and HYLO-Forte Price Comparison
ProductHYLO TearHYLO ForteEvolve HAHyabakThealoz Duo
Drug Tariff price1£8.50£9.50£5.99£8.99£7.99
Average duration of scripts (days)30.3130.6519.7827.0725.55
Annual cost to ICS per patient£102.36£111.85£110.53£128.43£107.73


*Analysed data for preservative free (PF) ocular lubricants from Cegedim’s THIN database, Jan 2020-Dec 2020 (Representative of 400+ GP practices & 3.2M patient population)