Dry Eye Well-Being Patient Seminar 2021

1. The Dry Eye Journey: How can such a trivial-sounding disease bring me to my knees?

Featuring Rebecca Petris, founder of Dry Eye Foundation with Amie Hynes-Fitzpatrick from Scope Eyecare.

2. Ask the Expert – “What is Happening to My Eye”

Featuring Laura M Periman, Founder and Director of the Dry Eye Doctor and Mandy Davidson from Scope Eyecare.

3. Nutrition and Managing Dry Eye Disease

Featuring Dr Michael Gross, nutrition and well-being expert.

4. Simple Lifestyle Shifts to Alleviate Your Dry Eyes

Featuring Dr Pamela Theriot, optometrist and dry eye specialist.

Click here to download a free copy of Dr Theriot’s book: Alleviate Dry Eye

5. Clinic Tours from Wellington Eye Clinic, Aston University & BBR Optometry

Featuring Arthur Cummings, consultant ophthalmic Surgeon and James Wolffsohn, associate pro-vice Chancellor from Aston University and Nick Rumney, senior Optometrist Chairman at BBR Optometry.

6. Q&A with speakers

Featuring Rebecca Petris, Laura M Periman, Dr Michael Gross, James Wolffsohn, Nick Rumney moderated by Mandy Davidson.

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