Hycosan® is a well-established range of preservative-free lubricants for symptom relief for tired, itchy dry eyes of all severities. Hycosan® eye drops are high quality eye lubricants delivered in the unique COMOD system, which ensure 6 month sterility and do not require preservatives. The Hycosan® range also contains Hycosan® Night ointment for night-time symptom relief.

Preservative free, ideal for daily use and suitable for contact lens wearers
Tried, Tested and Recommended by Health Care Professionals for relief from all grades of Dry Eye Symptoms.
Our specialised bottle contains 7.5ml of solution. 10ml in UK ensuring 6 months sterility.
Contains Expert Recommended:
HEAT, CLEANSE, HYDRATE is based on the TFOS* Dry Eye staged management plan of the DEWS II** paper.

The Hycosan range sells exceptionally well. This is due to its long shelf-life which is 6 months, being contact lens friendly and most importantly preservative free. It’s great to have a range of products suitable for all age groups.

- Shahil Soni, Husbands Pharmacy, Uk.

Where to Buy

Available at all good Pharmacies and Opticians.