The Heat, Cleanse, Hydrate Regimen

My experience of SCOPE’s Heat, Cleanse, Hydrate regime post-acne medication

Ever since I started taking my medication to treat my acne my eyes have been dry. In fact, my dry eyes have been the worst side effect of the medication. Nobody really warns you about how taking medication for acne can cause dry eyes, so when I started to experience it, I was confused and didn’t know how to tackle it.

Its been five months since I finished my medication and I believe this side effect is long term and here to stay. I didn’t really know where to start when it came to treatments for dry eyes, so I took SCOPE’s EyePromise test which gave me bespoke product recommendations. I took these on board, and also discovered SCOPE’s 3 Step ‘Heat, Cleanse, Hydrate’ eye care regime, which I decided to try out – my eyes were in for a treat.


Step 1: Heat

The first step to the regime is ‘Heat’– an eye mask that you put in the microwave for 15-25 seconds. You simply take it out of the microwave and wear it via the Velcro straps, which you can adjust for your desired fit. Then sit back and relax for ten minutes whilst wearing the mask – this is my favourite step. It feels so good, especially on tired eyes. It is so relaxing; I almost fall asleep every time!

After removing the eye mask, my eyes feel very moist. The heat from the mask helps loosen any congealed oil or grease on the eyelids which is where the next step comes in – ‘Cleanse’.


Step 2: Cleanse

Using individually packaged eye wipes containing Tea Tree Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, these wipes feel so refreshing on my eyes. And they get rid of all the residue the mask brought forward – an added bonus! They leave my eyes feeling fresh and moisturised.


Step 3: Hydrate

I have thoroughly reaped the benefits of the Dry Eye Spray, which is the third and final step – ‘Hydrate’. I use the spray on its own as well as part of SCOPE’s three step regime, it is that good! You spray it onto closed eyelids with a 360-degree nozzle, that can be used at any angle. It definitely does what it claims to do – thoroughly hydrates my eyes. I use it every day!

This regime has really stepped up my eye care, thanks SCOPE! I love to do the regime when I’ve just woken up, to refresh my eyes and get them ready for the day ahead, or sometimes I mix it up and do it at night-time, the mask helps me wind down, especially if I feel my eyes have been exposed to lots of pollution through the day.

I don’t think we take as much care of our eyes as we should, and it has become apparent to me now more than ever, since finishing my medication. I may have been left with a long-term side effect of dry eyes, but this regime is definitely soothing it. My eyes feel way more refreshed and I love knowing that I’m giving them some well-deserved TLC! I’d definitely recommend these products to anyone experiencing dry eyes, especially those who may have drier eyes since taking medication for acne also.

About the author

Mariah Pearson, 21, from Somerset has experienced dry eyes since being prescribed medication for acne management, and the dryness has persisted post-medication. Mariah’s an Instagram influencer who originally started using the platform to track her skin progress, but since then her channel has blossomed into a space to uplift others and talk openly about skin and body positivity.

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The Benefits of Preservative Free Drops
  • Benzalkonium chloride (BAK) is the most frequently used preservative in preserved eye drops. BAK can induce corneal and conjunctival epithelial cell apoptosis, damage corneal nerves, delay wound healing, interfere with tear film stability and cause loss of goblet cells.3
  • The negative symptoms experienced through the use of BAK-preserved drops may impact adherence to the prescribed treatment or management regime.4
  • Preservative-free tear replacement is preferred in cases of frequent and chronic application.5
  • Patients with Dry Eye Disease (DED), especially those with severe DED who require dosing over 4 times daily with lubricants or who use ocular lubricants in conjunction with other chronic topical therapies such as glaucoma medications, should avoid the use of ocular lubricants containing preservative.3
HYLO-Tear and HYLO-Forte Price Comparison
Product HYLO Tear HYLO Forte Evolve HA Hyabak Thealoz Duo
Drug Tariff price1 £8.50 £9.50 £5.99 £8.99 £7.99
Average duration of scripts (days) 30.31 30.65 19.78 27.07 25.55
Annual cost to ICS per patient £102.36 £111.85 £110.53 £128.43 £107.73


*Analysed data for preservative free (PF) ocular lubricants from Cegedim’s THIN database, Jan 2020-Dec 2020 (Representative of 400+ GP practices & 3.2M patient population)