Scope Transatlantic Case Award

What are the Scope Transatlantic Case Awards?

This year Scope will host its first annual case awards which is designed to reward excellence in Ophthalmology across the UK, Ireland, and USA. 


Participants are invited to submit challenging Ophthalmology cases they were involved in related to Anterior Segment conditions or Glaucoma. As an organisation, Scope values innovation, education and the sharing of best-practice.


Through the Transatlantic Case Contest our aim is to support and encourage Ophthalmologists in training to present their unique cases with the opportunity to then attend an Ophthalmology Congress in the UK, Europe or USA.

Award Details

Each participant shortlisted to present on the 24th of September at the Scope Transatlantic Case Contest will receive a prize of £/€/$ 300

Two finalists selected from the shortlist will be awarded with a travel fund of £/€/$ 2,500 to attend an Ophthalmology Congress of their choice in UK, Europe or USA

How To Enter

Pick your case entry

Identify a challenging ophthalmology case that you were involved in

Prepare your case entry

Create your submission in line with the guidelines provided

Submit by 31st July 2022

Submit your case entry to the email address provided below

Clear a space in your calendar

Shortlisted entrants will present their cases on the 24th of September 2022

Submission of case

The case report can involve one or more patients. Submitted cases must be original (i.e. not previously published). The case can include presentations, diagnoses and/or management of clinical cases related to Anterior Segment conditions or Glaucoma. 


Cases must be submitted via email to


The case must be submitted by the candidate who must be the author, and should not be submitted by anyone else on their behalf. Co-authors can be declared however, the award will be attributed exclusively to the main author who submitted the case.

Case structure

The presentation should be written in English in Word format. Illustration of the case by pictures and images is recommended. A maximum of 10 pages is allowed and the clinical case should be divided into the following sections (in this order):


  1. Title page: with the title of the case and author details
  2. Patient presentation: History of presenting complaint, past medical history, examination findings.
  3. Initial Examination:  (e.g., OCT/laboratory analyses) 
  4. Diagnosis and Management:  (Further investigations and/or treatment) Differential diagnosis/how did the author decide the management plan 
  5. Follow-up: Clinical outcome/any complications 
  6. Conclusion(s): Take home messages/Learning points


The full author’s name, qual­i­fi­ca­tions, insti­tu­tion­al address­es, cur­rent posi­tion they hold at insti­tu­tions or soci­eties, relevant financial declarations, any oth­er rel­e­vant back­ground infor­ma­tion and email address­es should be includ­ed in the case pre­sen­ta­tion.


*Please note that all contestants will remain anonymous until the final 6 entries have been chosen to present at the Virtual Transatlantic Ophthalmology cases meeting. To ensure independent judging, initials will be allocated to each submission. These initials will be used throughout the entire process and will not be disclosed to the contestant nor the judges.


Scope Eyecare will not release any information that might help identify the contestants. In return, the identities of the judges will remain anonymous to the public until the Transatlantic Ophthalmology cases meeting.


The presentation and appendix (image, figures, illustrations) shall:


• not infringe upon the privacy or personal rights of others;


• not contain any sensitive information;


• not be the copyright of any other entity unless this is acknowledged.


It is the authors responsibility to ensure that:


• They have obtained all necessary consent(s), approvals and authorisations in connection with the Case submitted to Scope Ophthalmics with the patient and any organization involved (Hospital, Clinic etc); 


• All the content of the case, including the text, its title and media files have been stripped of all personal information that could be used to identify the patient.

Selection process

The final submission date is 31st July 2022.


A judging panel of Ophthalmology Consultants from UK, Ireland and the USA will review each case study and will select 6 cases to present at the Scope Virtual Transatlantic Awards meeting on the 24th September. 


Presenters whose clinical case is selected for presentation in the Award session, will be notified by the 1st September and receive specific instructions regarding their virtual presentation. 


They must be available to present their case at the virtual case meeting on 24th September 2022. 


Substitute presenters will not be permissible. 


  • The judging panel will evaluate each case on the following criteria to obtain a final mark out of one hundred:


• Originality of the case

• Case Management

• Presentation (demonstrating learning points from the case)

• Educational value of the case

• Answers to questions


The decision of the panel of judges will be final and binding.

Intellectual property

Scope Ophthalmics will record the Scope Transatlantic Case Competition meeting on the 24th September 2022 and the recording will be available to view on the Scope Educational platform by healthcare professionals for educational purposes only. 


Scope will not use, publish or reproduce any case studies submitted to them for promotional purposes or otherwise. 


Participants have the right to access, review, rectify, cancel or delete any personal data held by Scope Ophthalmics Ltd. 

Important dates

31st July – Deadline for submission of the case (Note: No late submissions will be accepted)

1st September – The six participants chosen to present on the 24th of September will be notified

24th September – The two winners will be announced at the awards meeting


The two winners will each receive an unrestricted travel grant of £/€/$ 2,500 which can be used to attend an Ophthalmology Congress in the UK, Europe or USA.


Each winner will be required to record a podcast within in 6 weeks of attending their chosen congress.


On this 20 minute podcast they will discuss the key highlights from their chosen congress with a member of the Scope medical team.  This podcast will be featured on the Scope Education platform for the purpose of educating other healthcare professionals.


The award will be delivered within 10-15 days of being announced.


The Award is governed by Irish law excluding conflict of law rules. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts for all questions and disputes relating to this Award and the application of these terms of use.


Any required disclosures made by Scope pursuant to its obligations under the federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act (and any similar applicable state laws) will not be considered a breach of any confidentiality obligations hereunder.


Individuals residing in California please click here for further T&Cs