Dry Eye Wellbeing Seminar 2022 – Recording & Resources

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Dry Eye Wellbeing Seminar For Patients

Recordings & Resources

Thank you to all who attended our Dry Eye Wellbeing Seminar for patients on the 26th of July 2022.

Below you will find the video recordings from the day in case you missed a particular point or would like to rewatch one of the sessions with our expert speakers.

We have also included a number of resources and links as well which were referred to throughout the sessions.

Resources & Links:

Video Recordings:

Event 1: Getting The Most Out of Your Eyecare Appointment​

During the first video you can listen to our Head of Medical at Scope, Edel Duffy and Claire McGing discussing what it is like to be a patient with Dry Eye Disease. Claire is a Dry Eye patient who has been dealing with the disease since adolescence and is here to share her story and experience from early onset symptoms to diagnosis and ongoing management.

During this second video session we hear from Dr. Keyur Patel, award winning optometrist and Director at the multi-award winning, Tompkins Knight and Son Optometrists as he guides us through the appointment process from a clinician’s perspective. 

We will be uploading the first part of this event in the next couple of days. Our team is currently working to address some of the audio issues which were present during the event.

Event 2: Understanding The Treatment For Dry Eye Disease

During this second session Edel Duffy, Scope Head of Medical, is joined by the wonderful Mandy Davidson and Ailbhe ni Raighne, with Laura Periman dialling in from her practice in Seattle in the United States.


This talk provides a greater understanding of how and why specific treatments are recommended, to help people manage their dry eyes more easily and consistently.


Towards the end of this video you can also watch the Q&A portion from the event with answers provided by our expert speakers.

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Scope is a family run eyecare and healthcare company, operating in Ireland, the UK and the USA. This programme is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to Goal 3 Good Health & Wellbeing under the Sustainable Development Goals.

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